Disposable Half Masks P2 5 A PACK

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Suitable for general public or healthcare use outside of operating theatres and similar medical settings.

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Disposable P2 half masks designed to protect against medium levels of dust from home repair or water-based mist. Particularly suitable for DIY and building tasks. Fits to the face to reduce the potential of air leaking into the wearer’s breathing zone from around the edges of the mask. User is recommended to do a fit test prior to use. Not suitable for use with facial hair.

  • Good Breathing Resistance
  • High Comfort

FFP2 PM2.5 face mask, protects against haze, dust, pollen, bacteria, and air pollution. Designed with non-woven, five-layer fabric to effectively resist against fine particles and bacteria in the air. Ideal for many applications, such as public transport, walking, cycling, running, when in congested areas within public spaces. Sold individually and wrapped in hygienic plastic packaging.

Superior to FFP1 face masks which are common in the marketplace which only offer 3 layers of protection the superior FFP2 mask provides 5 layers of protection. Protects against concentrations of up to 12xOEL (occupational exposure limit) and 10xAPF (assigned protection factor) and are the European equivalent of the N95 respirator masks used in the USA and meet the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

From 24th July 2020 the government decided to make the wearing of face masks in shops mandatory. The wearing of face masks has been mandatory on public transport since June.

  • PM2.5 protection
  • Filtering effect: More than or equal to 95%
  • Protects against haze, dust, pollen, bacteria and air pollution
  • Designed with non-woven, five-layer fabric
  • Comfortable fit with elastic ear loops for a tight seal around the face
  • Classification: FFP2
  • One size fits all